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    Thanks guys! I’ll go and make 1.0.7 a public beta today.


    Got a few errors again when copying the "AppEx" folder with 1.0.7. I had uninstalled all my drivers, Kies etc., as I was playing around trying to see if I could make TkFileExplorer work with the Wave.

    Will try and grab the lastest drivers from Kies and uninstall everything and try again. Have PM’d you the 1.0.7 logfile.

    Also one thing I discovered is when you are doing a file copy or fetch, the other tabs etc. and menu options are greyed out. But you can click them anyway. The screen then does a refresh, and the tabs then ungrey and you can still click and do things will the previous operation is still going on. Not sure if this is intended or not.


    Uploaded V1.0.8 to the homepage, version 1.0.7 had a flaw that completely prevented backup of App settings.


    Version 1.0.10 is up. It has an option to ‚blacklist‘ files and folders so that they will not be downloaded in file explorer operations.


    Hello Patrick,

    I’m sorry to use this post for this but I saw no method by which to send you a PM… We are interested in contracting with you to port your Samsung Bada Echoprint Application to Android. Please get in touch with me to discuss further.



Ansicht von 5 Beiträgen – 46 bis 50 (von insgesamt 50)
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