DIY game console based on ESP32 (update 30.01.2023)

Since I haven’t written anything here for ages, I thought I’d present one of my current projects: A small game console based on an ESP32.

So far i have Asteroids and pong working and i am working on Space Invaders and Breakout. The source code is available in my  Github repository.


Of course, this should also work on a different screen or with a different controller. The library that I use to control the TFT can also control a lot of other models. On the software side, I’ve mostly finished implementing Asteroids and Pong. For Pong there is even a variant for 2 players, for which a second controller is required.


The second control is build in the same way as the first, even if I don’t have any need for the fire buttons for the time being. With Pong these are not needed. Maybe I can think of another game that uses them.

I’ve also added a simple sound output with a piezo buzzer (top, right in the image)

It’s very simple to output beeps, now i have to think of a way to create explosion sounds.

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