GPSLogger Pro


With GPSLogger Pro, you can record your current location and then export it later as a GPX file. For example, after a hiking tour, you can revisit your route with Google-Earth or other programs.

You can manage as many records as you like via the built-in logbook and call them up again at any time. Furthermore, you can see at any time how far they have come, how many meters of altitude you have overcome and so on. Interesting places can be marked so that you can easily find them later.

The app was originally developed for Samsung’s own smartphone system bada. But after this was discontinued, I developed the app primarily for Windows (mobile and desktop).


Other features

  • Recording of GPS position
  • Built-in compass
  • GPX Export
  • No data loss when the app exits or the phone goes out
  • Cortana support
  • POI (Interesting Places)
  • Suns/Moon On-Sunset Times
  • Weather forecast
  • Dark design available
  • Flashlight


GPSLoggerPro for Windows 10

GPSLogger Pro
GPSLogger Pro
Developer: ‪Patrick Mortara‬
Price: 2,99 €