XCockpit 2020

The first and at the same time last entry for this weird year is again about my external cockpit app XCockpit which i once developed for X-Plane. This year the new microsoft flight simulator (FS2020) was released, i adopted XCockpit for it and tried again to upload it to the microsoft store. This time they could not reject it and now the app is finally available for everybody from the store. It will not work with X-Plane anymore but maybe i’ll fix this with a further release.

2 thoughts on “XCockpit 2020

  1. Kenneth R Klosterman

    Is there a document/manual to address how to use the xCockpit downloaded and paid for from the windows store?
    There are features I would like to use but not sure of how to load them or find things on this software.
    Any help would be appreciated 🙂
    p.s. English would be what I can read….

    1. Patrick Post author

      Hey, i’m happy to help, englisch is finde for me too. Do you have specific questions?


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