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    until now, the public version of WaveBackup is ‚readonly‘. I’ve successfully tested to copy files to the phone, and to create folders on the phone. I haven’t tried to delete files yet.

    I’ll make the ‚write‘ function available, as i need them anyway to fulfill WaveBackups main purpose, backup and restore of App settings. But i’m still unsure about creating folders on the phone, as i fear this will lead to a new way to hack apps …. what do you think?


    I’d love to have this feature. There are many legitimate reasons for wanting to write files to the phone. And also to be able to delete folders would be awesome too. I can think of many things I’d strip out of the phone to streamline it.

    As for worrying about creating folders and that leading to new ways of hacking apps, PSAS can already create folders on the wave.

    I can’t see how this will lead to more advanced methods of spoofing myself, as the key to that is in the DB entries, and these cannot be messed with or you brick your phone. So even if you could create a new folder, you’re not going to be able to then link that folder with the DB entry and subsequent icon that launches the app. That would only happen if someone then made a program that loaded the DB, and sorted/formatted it into an editable entity.


    About WRITE , DELETE (Directories).

    Delete Directories is not so easy. As most Dirs are protected. Since months… Security issues from handset/Firmware.

    Today realized that maybe Samsung imroved Security in JL2 to prevent replace of files… Maybe also App Data like Savegames…

    Not sure, only idea. Because today I was not able to delete from Asphalt 5… 😯

    I have no idea, if this also for DATA folder with "" would fail if I try to copy backup to Wave.

    Best Regards


    That’s interesting on the write protection. But it wouldn’t apply to apps installed on the memory card, since you could access then in Windows itself.

    This was the preloaded Asphalt 5 yeah that you were tinkering with?


    Funny, i think was the one file that downloaded forever a few day ago. Something seems to be odd with it ….

    Currently i’m thinking of having 3 different Levels of access:

    – Normal mode: as it is now + writing of files to App/Data Folder
    – Advanced: like sTune
    – Expert: Everything is allowed

    Normal mode is default, Advanced can be ‚unlocked‘ by everyone with a few clicks.
    Expert mode will be harder to unlock. i’m thinking of protecting it with a password or something like that (just the first thought …. i’ll specify this when its time)


    That’s a great idea Patrick. That should protect most from bricking their phones and also allow the super skilled like adfree to play with the advanced and expert features.


    Version 1.0.11 is up now. It has limited support for file uploads to the phone.
    I’ve allowed uploads to the memorycard and to the Data folders withon Application folders.

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