Change MS Office 2013 H&B Product Key

Today I had the problem that I wanted to install Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Business on 2 computers and made the mistake of using the same installer for both machines. I assumed that I could enter the Product Key during the installation or change it afterwards.Unfortunately, this is no longer possible with the Home & Business version of Office 2013, the product code is only queried once during the online registration before downloading the installer and then not again. You then get an installer for this one product key. If you have several computers to install with it, you have to play the game every time (incl. login and assignment of the code to an MS account).

Fortunately, I wasn’t the first to deal with this problem, and I found this solution relatively quickly:

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out right away. I got the error message ‘SKU not found’ (or something like that). The trick is probably that you have to remove the wrong product key before you can enter a new one. To do this, you first run the following command to find out the last digits of currently used product keys:

cscript “C:-Program Files (x86)”Microsoft Office-Office15-OSPP. VBS” /dstatus

As a result, the last 5 characters of the code are output, for this example let’s assume K7C2W. This is now the following command:

cscript “C:-Program Files (x86)”Microsoft Office-Office15-OSPP. VBS” /unpkey:K7C2W

Now the next time you start one of the Office programs, you will be prompted to activate the program or and has the option to enter a new product key and relink the Office package to a Microsoft account.

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