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    Im impressed with your efforts i just cant get wavebackup to see the wave 8500 on Windows 7 it just stays busy for a long time BUT
    the real reason that wavebackup is amazing is that you could probably modify wave backup to overcome BADA’s limitations of only 10 menu pages by creating a folder program where extra apps that cant fit on the 10 page menus can stay in and be accessed.
    1) At bada dev Samsung team leaders claim that bada dvelopers can create one or more folders for all their programs to reside in.
    Proof is mini sports , play tomo etc where these programs are a collection of mini and midi sized games.
    2) The colections of minigames have separate exes for each program residing in one bin folder, data for 3 programs or more sharing a data folder , spalsh screens staying in one res folder etc
    3) If you can make wave backup in such a way that
    a) It can create one entry in the menu page with sub entries for each program in the registry just like what these collections of mini games do.
    b) an extra program has to be made to check which programs can be made to share common folders then this program will be the sort of master program that can be seen on the menu page and when you click on this program then it will show and call up the programs that has been added to it.

    I hope you get what im saying mortara and thanks very much even if its not possible



    i’ve no idea how to do that. Can you provide a link explaining it?


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