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Thanks for putting those variables in so quickly! I’m afraid that it does not quite work however. It looks like the order that the images are transferred from the camera is not necessarily in numerical order, and not the same every time. In my camera, I have images IMG_0681 to IMG_0930. The first time I ran it, FIRSTIMAGE was IMG_0914 and LASTIMAGE was IMG_0681. The next time I ran the same profile, FIRSTNAME was IMG_0681 and LASTNAME was IMG_0914. From then on, each time I ran the same profile, it alternated between those two!

I don’t know if you have control over the order of transfer, but if you did it in alphabetical filename order, these variables should work. If you do not have control over the order, I think the only way for this to work would be 2 passes.

Thanks again for looking at this!
– Peter