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Patrick I’ll make a youtube video for you in relation to the app listings. It’s doing it on both my Wave phones.

However, the speed of copying and fetching times are what I’m interested to help resolved first. I tried copying a folder using WaveBackup and got 4 error messages, saying a particular file could not be copied. I then fired up sTune and it copied the files fine, and took a fraction of a second to do so.

In end, I’m hoping WaveBackup will be ever better than sTune, but right now the speed differences are major.

sTune doesn’t fetch folders at all. So am wondering what the purpose of this is in WaveBackup? Using the "AppEx" folder as an example, in sTune’s you can right click, select and copy the folder. It then immediately starts copying files. WaveBackup when you do the same, it then fetches all the folders, then starts copying. Then ontop of that, the errors copying files as I mentinoed above that sTunes doesn’t produce.

What info can I give you to help things out? or should I just youtube me using it and then you can see the errors, and other things in action?