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Hi Patrick. Am playing with your new version as I type this out. Glad to see there is now an Abort button.

It’s faster than your first version, but I have an idea that maybe would speed things up when one wants to dump/copy the whole phone. How about adding a mode where it will fetch and copy at the same time. That way it doesn’t have to fetch 1000 folders first, then go back to the beginning and start copying. So the copy would happen right after a folder is fetched, then the next folder is fetched then copied etc. This would seem to be a quicker way to copy the contents of the phone. Otherwise WaveBackup has to navigate to each folder twice in order to make a copy. First to fetch it, then second to copy it.

At first WaveBackup runs happily, but it seems the longer it is fetching, the slower it gets, the more memory is used, and the cpu usage is at 100%. What happens with the fetched data? Is it retained only in memory, and thus the more you fetch the slower things get? or is it written to a log file, and then dumped from memory so that it can fetch quicker.

The copy function is indeed slow once it does start to copy a file. Hooking into the Windows Explorer copy function might not be such a bad idea, as then it will also copy blank folders too which I’d like to be able to do.

Another quick note, when listing apps, it takes a few runs for it to display the app names correctly. My first few times, it only picked up Ashpalt 5. So I just clicked it again and again and finally it found all the app titles. When it didn’t find them, it would leave the name blank, plus the whole entry would be coloured red as well.

I’m using a Wave I (8500) btw 🙂