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Hey everybody,

i have updated the download in the first posting. The new version should be a little faster and more stable hopefully.

To clarify some things (although adfree has answered most of the questions already):

– ‚Fetch All‘ only fetches the directory structure, no files.
– The ‚Copy‘ menu entry from the context menu can be used to dump complete folders to your HD

– Speed is a Problem, yes, but unfortunately there is not much i an do to speed things up. One possibility i’ll try to explore is to use windows explorer copy functions to access those areas of the phone which are ‚public‘.

– When the App crashes, pleas post a logfile (see temp folder) here

It would be nice if you guys would post here the phones (other than Wave I) you’ve tested the tool with, since i only own a Wave I and have no idea if my Tool works on other models …