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Hey adfree 🙂

The error text above is from the program crashing when I hit Fetch All. It was about 4-5mins into fetching when it crashed.

So you cannot copy/delete a file until the entire phone has been fetched? It would be nice if there was another button that did both. That way you could just dump the entire phone contents with one click, and walk away to make a sandwich.

Am trying again to see if I can get through the fetch process, but so far the copy/delete functions are greyed out.

EDIT: Hmm, just spent 25mins when my computer’s cpu at 100% which WaveBackup ticked over fetching the folders and files. Very slow with each folder taking about 3 or more seconds. At this rate it would take hours to fetch the phone. This needs to be sped up, otherwise I’m not sure how one can use this program. I still havn’t been able to get to a point where I can copy anything off the phone yet.