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v1.01 does indeed feel a bit faster.

The app listing seems a little more stable and worked nicely the first time I clicked it. But it still randomly misses detecting apps.

But if I click list apps again, it finds it. It’s not any one particular app it misses. Sometimes it misses several too.

It looks like it now copies empty folders, but still doesn’t copy empty files. Am still using the "AppEx" folder to test.
v1.01 didn’t seem to copy the "SNS_scroll_bottom.png" file either, and this file isn’t an empty file.

Oddly, when I disconnected and did a test copy with sTune, then loaded up WaveBackup again, when I did another test copy, this time it didn’t miss the SNS_scroll_bottom.png file.

Is there anyway to avoid fetching at all when you want to copy a file/folder? How does sTune manage to start copying files right away I wonder.

Secondly, how about the idea of adding a total or description or all files/folders to the copy dialog screen. So in the "AppEx" folder for example, it would say 568 files / 148 folders, and then have a counter against that so you can see it ticking down or up etc.