WIA-Loader is a program designed to automatically transfer images from digital camera, Flash card or smartphone to your computer. It offers many features for file and folder naming as well as image processing.. Therefore WIA-Loader is a part of the workflow of a photographer from: from the camera to the computer.


  • Transmits photos quick and easy to the computer
  • Helps you to manage your photo collection. Images will be stored at predefined locations, with predefined names.
  • Different profiles for different use-cases defineable, for example, different handling for images from different cameras or lenses
  • Rotates pictures automatically to the correct position (if corresponding EXIF ​​datas are available) or. resizes them during the import
  • Puts GPS location data from GPS loggers into your pictures EXIF data
  • Helps you with tagging or keywording of your images
  • Many features to manipulate or. evaluate the EXIF ​​data using ExifTool during transfer:
    • Embed locationsal information, for example from www.geonames.org, .
    • Embed Comments, Tags, Copyright information
    • Remove unwanted EXIF ​​data
    • WIA-Loader kann auch auf EXIF-Eigenschaften ‘;reagieren’;, i.e.. For example, pictures taken in a bracketing mode, will be treated separately
  • Creates HTML photo albums for the transmitted images
  • Kameras mit WIA-Treiber können ‘;Ferngesteuert’; .:
    • Take pictures with your camera per mouse-click (“;Tethered Shooting”;)
    • Freely configurable bracketing and interval recordings
  • And much, more!



The latest version can be obtained from the Download Center by Heise Online, on an evaluation of the tools there I would be happy in any case very:
WIA-Loader - Download - heise online

Alternatively, the download can also be carried out directly from my server:

Note, 20.01.2019: The current beta version is very stable and much faster than the last version release. There are hardly any reasons, not to use the beta version!

System Requirements,de

On Windows, the .NET Framework 4 oder neuer benötigt. WIA-Loader should therefore run versions from Windows XP on all Windows.

Since NET can support directly from home just a few image formats in particular many RAW image formats can not be processed simultaneously with WIA-Loader. Remedied i.d.R. the use of a so-called. Codecs for that image format. These are often supplied by the manufacturer of the camera.

But work much better and faster the Codecs by Alex Rietschin. Diese kosten zwar etwa 10 EUR, are these price but really value.

When I'm going to buy the codec pack from this link involved with a commission on sales:
FastPictureViewer Codec Pack

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