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WIA-Loader is a program to automatically transfer images from a digital camera, flash card or even smartphone to the computer. Many options are available for creation of  folders as well as for editing the images during transfer. WIA loader thus virtually depicts a part of a photographer’s workflow: from the camera to the computer.


  • Quickly and easily transfer images and videos to your computer
  • Creates order in the picture collection. Images are stored in fixed locations, with fixed definable names
  • Different profiles can be defined for different applications, e.g. different handling of images from different cameras or lenses
  • Automatically rotates images in the correct position (if the EXIF data is correct) or enlarges or enlarges them during import
  • Links GPS location data from GPS loggers to images
  • Helps tagging images
  • Extensive manipulations or evaluation of exif data using ExifTool during transfer:
    • Embed geolocation data from as www.geonames.org,
    • Embedding comments, keywords, copyright information
    • Remove unwanted EXIF data
    • WIA loader can also ‘react’ to EXIF properties, i.e. for example, to treat images taken in a bracketing mode separately
  • Creates HTML photo albums for the transferred images
  • Cameras can be ‘remotely controlled’:
    • Take photos at the click of a mouse and transfer them directly to the computer (“Tethered Shooting”)
    • Freely configurable exposure series and interval recordings
  • And much, much more!



The current version can be obtained via the download center of Heise Online, i would be very pleased about a review of the tool there:
WIA-Loader - Download - hot online

Alternatively, the download can be done directly from my server:

Note, January 20, 2019: The current beta version runs very stable and significantly faster than the last release version. There are hardly any reasons not to use the beta version!


On Windows, the .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later is required. WIA loader should therefore run on all Windows versions starting with Windows 7. Since Version the installer tries to install the required .NET framework version automatically if a internet connection is available.

Since .NET supports only a few image formats directly, many RAW image formats in particular cannot be processed with WIA loaders. Remedy is the most correct solution here. the use of a so-called Codecs for each image format. These are often supplied by the manufacturer of the camera.

But Alex Rietschin’s codecs work much better and faster. These cost around 10 euros, but are really worth this price.

If you buy the codec pack via this link I will be involved with a commission on sales:
FastPictureViewer Codec Pack

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WIA Loader can be downloaded and used for free, there are no restrictions or blocked features. If you like the program, I would like to ask you to make a small contribution to the further development with this Paypal button.

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