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Was hoping Patrick you might have found a way to still keep this as .NET 2 compatible. .NET 4 from what I’ve seen on my computer system leaves so many residue services and other files running even when I’m not running an app that needs them, that I’ve religiously uninstalled .NET 4 if I don’t have any apps needing it.

Looking at adfree’s version of .NET, it occurred to me we are all probably using different versions and thus maybe why we’re getting the randomness factor. I use Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 SP1 which contains all the latest previous versions of the .NET runtimes (v1, v2, v3 and v3.5). Patrick are you going .NET 4 for good, or is this just a test phase to iron out a few things first?

Testing the new 1.0.4 version I for sure noticed a speed increase of the fetching. However I noticed something else here.

To test the fetching speed, I clicked fetch all. I flew past very quickly and completed fetching all folders. Then I went to do a test copy of "AppEx". And instead of just copying, it proceeded to fetch that directory again. Once it completed this, it started copying. So there’s a double up of the fetching that needs addressing. The file copying seems stable so far and might even be speedier too.

Also oddly on my 8500T phone, the directory listings are not sorted alphabetically. Yet on my 8500 phone they are. So would be nice if you could add some tabs up the top just like in Windows Explorer, so you can sort by name, size or date. After I did a test copy of "AppEx", then hit fetch all again, the listing changed to semi alphabetical, so there’s a randomness to how it’s displaying this. EDIT: Ok I found something here. The first initial listing is not alphabetical, but if you disconnect, reconnect, then hit fetch all, then abort right away, it then arranges the listings into alphabetical.

Another thing, is it possible to hide or remove the extra taskbar entry/window when copying files?

I noticed the new right click "Exclude Memory Card" option. May I suggest also adding a checkbox somewhere, maybe under or near the "Examine Application.xml…" or just anywhere on the visible options at the top of the screen.

And finally just want to mention no errors in copying "AppEx" which I think is the first time I’ve been able to do that with WaveBackup. I did a side by side test too and both sTune and this verson of WaveBackup succeeded in copying the exact same number of files and folders, empty ones as well 😛